We are an innovative, specialized economic zone that provides turnkey service mission_kicsolutions to second tier companies that need to run high quality control export operations close to the Sub-Sahara African markets.

We build world-class facilities with one purpose: to allow our customers to fully dedicate resources to their core business.


Customer Focus

Customers are the major stakeholders in our success, and we are constantly striving to provide them with better business solutions, infrastructure, technology and support. We adopt a customer-centred approach as well as a “ Grow together” attitude 


Pride: We take pride in offering innovative services and surpassing customer expectations.

Excellence: We strive to be the best business partner for our customers by committing ourselves to excellence in everything we do.

Innovation and Evolution

Innovation is a concept that we have adopted since our inception. Every stakeholder is encouraged to think and act in new and creative ways that will lead to business excellence.

We prepare for and embrace change, because it allows us to grow and evolve. By accepting innovative business methods, we remain competitive, and continue to provide the most enabling business environment to the investment community.



We aim to become the epicenter of industrial manufacturing, international trade, and related services in Tanzania and Africa, while offering competitive pricing and world-class service.

Global Networking Center

KIC will become hotspots where global human resources, information and technologies are introduced and intermingle thanks to the best management environment, achieved through raising the standards of institutions to world-class levels, by encouraging the local community to embrace multinational and multicultural influx, and by providing a pleasant living environment in which to operate.


KIC demonstrates its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment by promoting, supporting, organising, and participating in activities that safeguard the environment, nurture community spirit, promote a balanced lifestyle, and help preserve the TANZANIAN cultural and natural heritage.