Kaboja Industrial City is clearly demarcated. With a well-laid-out over acres of land, the City’s planning includes all the facilities necessary to successful business operations. We have full amenities because we believe in one-stop shop.

  • Wide Roads for smooth flow of traffic
  • Onsite Warehousing facilities available on rental basis
  • Police Station and Fire Station, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Public transportation service to and from Bagamoyo and Dar Es Salaam
  • Restaurant & Dedicated Canteen for employees
  • Commercial Office premises & Residential Apartments available
  • The landscape at Kaboja Industrial City is surrounded by gardens and mountains; the landmark features the most inspiring and vibrant working environment and Companies have the choice of leasing flexible office space for business, warehouse for logistics and many more.


    aboja Industrial City, with its unique open yard storage of nearly 2 million sq.ft., for storage of construction materials equipment, and automobiles remains the top choice for place to do business. From fenced yard to open yard, the 24 onsite security monitoring system gives investors the peace-in-mind!


    remains the one-stop shop for existing and new corporations; our agents address all government related issues including licensing, registration, permits and visas related questions. In addition, our consultants are available to assist with logistic questions, business proposals, proposals for construction of industrial and commercial facilities and more…


    aboja Industrial City’s team of business professionals also help new businesses to adhere to local and statutory requirements. Our onboarding business models remain one of the top choices for companies. While in business at Kaboja Industrial City, our team also assists ideas pertaining to successful business implementation. We will always satisfy investors and support the workforce at KIC.


    One of the key components that lure investors to Kaboja Industrial City is the labor force and all its amenities: While the city is chosen for its geographic location, one must also note that skilled and qualified workforce that one finds in KIC is unparallel to any other location in Africa. Furthermore, housing accommodation remains the key component that most employees and managers find to be affordable.