The notes below highlight common issues and essential information to be considered during the registration process. Please review KIC’s Rules and Regulations for additional details.

Application for pre-approval is mandatory prior to the registration procedures.

An applicant holding a TANZANIA residence visa should obtain a no-objection letter from his/her sponsor prior to submission of the application.

Applicants seeking a consultancy licence must submit proof of academic qualifications and professional experience related to the intended field of activity at KIC.

A business licence is valid for one year, and the licensed company should either renew the licence or request official deregistration to avoid fines or penalties.

Licences are only valid in KIC. Clients shall not operate outside the KIC premises with the business licence.

At the renewal stage, all companies are requested to submit audit reports prepared by audit firms that are registered in the TANZANIA.

Licences can be amended by request, with necessary approvals and payment of the relevant fees.

KIC carries out inspections of facilities allotted to companies on a regular basis to assess their activity.

Visa approvals and business licence renewals are subject to each company’s activity and scale of operation.

Subleasing of facilities is not permitted.

Licensees are required to comply with TANZANIA customs regulations

The terms and conditions along with the stated details such as licensing/rental – leasing charges, Visa clearances, space allocations, facilities being provided, Payment and other commercial terms may differ or change, hence client’s are requested to have the official proposal from KIC.