Why Invest with KIC?

1. The main objectives
(a) generation of additional economic activity
(b) promotion of exports of goods and services;
(c) promotion of investment from domestic and foreign sources;
(d) creation of employment opportunities;
(e) development of infrastructure facilities;

2. Incentives and Facilities
– 100% Foreign Ownership
– 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
– Exemption from all Import and Export Duties
– Availability of continuous Power Supply – Access to TANESCO – Power National Grid
– Natural Gas Fired Plant
– Solar Energy Power Plant
– Availability of continuous Water Supply
– Waste Water Treatment Facility
– Free Zone Company Formation is Quicker than Incorporation outside of the Free Zones
– Inexpensive Workforce and Easy Recruitment Procedures
– Typically, no restrictions on recruiting labour
– ‘One-stop-shop’ for Administration Services
– Simple and fast registration procedures
– State-of-the-art communication facilities
– State of the art IT and Security Services
– Freedom to choose the investment field and legal formula of projects
– International liaison offices in Tanzania, Oman, USA & INDIA
– Excellent sea port and international airport facilities
– Land available to lease for industrial projects and above all
– A proven company with trust to partner.

3. Great Location
– KIC – is your gateway to African Market
– KIC is located in situated on Msata- Bagamoyo District.
– Great Connectivity & Access to 6 landlocked countries [Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi] – The Proximity to City is less than 100kms
– The Proximity to Dar E Salaam Airport 115kms
– The Proximity to Dar e Salam Seaport 100kms
– Just 30 kms away from new Bagamoyo port [proposed]

4. The International Market Potential

Name of the country  Population
Tanzania 45 million
Uganda 30 million
Congo DRC 75 million
Rwanda 15 million
Burundi 7 million
Zambia 13 million
Malawi 17million
Central African Republic 5 million
Angola 25 million
Mozambique 27million
Kenya 46 million

5. Priority areas of investments are:

– Agriculture & Livestock development
– Natural resources
– Tourism
– Manufacturing
– Petroleum and Mining
– Real Estate
– Transportation
– Services
– Financial Institutions
– Telecommunications
– Energy
– Human Resources
– Broadcasting

6. Types of Zones
KIC includes several different zones, which make it a one-of-a-kind city in the region Specialised free zone parks tailored to fit your business needs:

– For corporate and business offices

– For industrial and heavy manufacturing
– For IT/Telecommunication/Research/Pharmacy Lab

– For trading and light manufacturing

Special ZONEs
– For educational institutions
– For Hospitals/ Clinics
– For Entertainment Zone
7. Types of Ownership
– New establishments: A new business entity with a sole business owner
– New establishments – A new business entity owned by two or more partners
– Branches: local branch (A branch of a domestic firm residing in the TANZANIA )
– Foreign branch (A branch of a foreign firm residing outside the TANZANIA )

Note : Other formations as regulated by the board.

Setting up a company in KIC requires a business license. You can obtain one or more business licenses of any of the below types. Each licence is valid for a year, starting from the date of issue, and must be renewed annually.
– Commercial Licence
– Consultancy/Services Licence
– Industrial License
– General Trading

Note : Any other license as regulated by the board

9. One stop Shop services ….A single point of contact
Let the one-stop-shop services assist you with the many steps involved in running a successful business.
We will introduce many more value-added services to support the business requirements of clients, and help them invest in the right way, with the most competitive prices.

Affordable, value-added services include advertising, printing, procurement support, logistics, insurance, Shipping, Transportation, outsourcing and much more.

9a Administrative Services….will continue to strive
– Solid waste and garbage collection and disposal
– Banking service, onsite
– Clinic and medical assistance, onsite
– Social security clinic for client’s personnel within the park
– Street lighting
– Common green area management
– Issuing permits and licensing
and many more..